How To Style Boyfriend Jeans

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Who needs a boyfriend when you've got nice boyfriend jeans?!

But actually though, boyfriend jeans have returned this season and they are so in! I'm so glad it's finally getting warm enough here in Toronto to start wearing them. On a side note, what is this ridiculously late spring we're experiencing?! I guess it was because of the late start we had to winter this year. It should be shorts weather by now! D: But then again, this chilly spring means more chances to wear boyfriend jeans before whipping out those short shorts ;)

I absolutely love boyfriend jeans. You can take the same pair of jeans and dress them up or down, creating completely different looks for them. Whether you're going for a comfy/casual look, or a more classy/chic style, boyfriend jeans are the perfect foundation to build on.

I love how boyfriend jeans can give a classy look a slight laid-back, relaxed feel to it.

Nothing says comfy-chic more than boyfriend jeans paired with a thick knit sweater! This is one of my favourite outfit combos <3

How do you like to style your boyfriend jeans? 

Love, Lena 

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  1. Those jeans are my go to.. I wear them all the time!


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