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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Hey there! Lena here :) So this post is going to be a little different from the usual because it's a little more personal...but it's something I wanted to share.

So I recently realized that it's been just a little over a year ago that I first started posting my outfit photos on Instagram (March 2015, to be exact). It's crazy how time flies...I still remember waking up that one weekend and thinking, "you know what, if I'm gonna put in effort to pick out my outfits, then I might as well present them somewhere" -- and that somehow led me to start my fashion Instagram account. At that time, I didn't think too much into it. It was just an outlet for me to showcase my outfit ideas to the few friends I had following me. But now, I can confidently say that starting this fashion account was probably one of my best decisions.

In just a few weeks I got sucked into the world of "Instagram bloggers." I never knew there was such a large, tightly knit community of fashion bloggers. But week after week, I'd keep meeting new people on Instagram and our exchanges of likes and comments would eventually form into friendships. It's crazy to think how many amazing people I've met through this community--some have even become close friends of mine that I actually hang out with.

As I met new people and became more emerged into this community, I realized that I wanted to do more than just post photos of my outfits. And that's when I decided that I wanted to start a blog and invest a bit more time into my love for fashion. Without Instagram introducing me to other bloggers, I definitely would not have decided to become one. But here I am now, running this lifestyle/fashion/cosmetics blog with one of my best friends, Jay :)

On top of meeting new people, Instagram has also led me to discover so many new places. From cafes, to brunch spots, to abandoned bridges, and fancy buildings, I've been inspired to explore Toronto inside-out. And I've gotten to love this city more and more :)

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm so thankful for stepping into this new world of opportunities. It is so exciting to think of how many more people I'll meet and places I'll discover in the near future. All while doing something I love-- which is sharing bits of my life to you :)

Thank you for everyone's support! <3

Until next time :)

Love, Lena


*Photographer: Tien Chang*


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