Spring Market

Saturday, 28 May 2016

My favourite season is spring. One, because it's my birthday season (hehe not biased at all) and two, because CM Market opens up! The CM Market is a mini pop-up market that's located right in front the Club Monaco on Bloor Street West. This year's featured stores are Sweet Woodruff, Sam James Coffee Bar, The Pop Stand, Evolution Food Co., Bake Shoppe, and Delica Kitchen. So many goodies!

In this outfit, I'm wearing lace-up ballet flats from Steve Madden, paired with my ripped boyfriend jeans from One Teaspoon. Lace-up shoes have become so popular, and as much as I love lace-up heels, I can't wear those for more than a few hours so these lace-up flats are my go-to shoes for this spring! They're so so cute and give a bit of a feminine touch to any kind of outfit.

I'm a sucker for flowers. I love how they smell, and they brighten up any room. Flowers are hands-down the best home decor! I saw these beautiful white carnations from the Sweet Woodruff stand and just had to get myself some.

The greatest thing about this market, for me at least, is that it's on the way from school to home. What better way to treat yourself after class than with some deliciously healthy salad, a refreshing popsicle, and a latte<3

Bringing those sunnies out! The market is the best place to be on a nice sunny day. Instead of indoor cafes, I've been studying out here these past few days! A great way to soak in the sun and get fresh air while you do work.

If you've been here before, let me know what your favourite food items were! I have yet to try everything ;) And if you haven't, well you need to give it a visit! And say hi to me if you see me, because I know I'll be there quite a bit!

Love, Lena  

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