Tea Party at Butter Avenue

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Last week, my friend Ashley and I got to try Butter Avenue's new afternoon tea set! I absolutely LOVE afternoon tea so I was extremely excited when I heard that one of my favourite dessert stores had started offering it.

It started off with a savoury "quioche" (quiche + brioche). This was about the size of my palm, a good size to not get you full but get a little bit of food in you before the mountain of desserts arrived. It was cheesy and creamy, and the pastry was really good!

We were each allowed to choose one tea from a list of their specialty teas. I went for a jasmine tea and Ashley chose the houjicha. The jasmine tea was aromatic and had a really nice floral taste, but because it had a sweet undertone, I think I would go for the houjicha (or something less sweet) next time to balance out the sweetness of the desserts.

Although it is a set menu, you are allowed to choose 2 macarons. I went for the lemon poppy seed and houjicha. I personally love anything houjicha, so the houjicha macaron was my favourite. I definitely recommend you to try that one!

This afternoon tea set comes with 10 mini dessert items (per person) and savoury bread for when you need to take a break from the sweetness.

On the bottom plate, there were macarons, cakes, shortbread cookies, madeleines, and chocolate.

On the top plate, there were cheesecakes, choux pastries, caneles, and tartes. My favourites were the pistachio choux pastry and the strawberry cheesecake. If I could choose one item to not be there, I would choose the pink flower cake on the bottom plate. Ashley and I both thought it was a bit too sweet and it tasted too strongly of fondant. But everything else was delicious <3

Overall, this afternoon tea experience was a lot of fun! The service was very good--our server was super sweet. This set costs $57.50/person and you need to book in advance. Also, they only serve it at the Yonge and Lawrence location.

If you get the chance to try their afternoon tea set, let us know what you thought! What was your favourite item? :)

Love, Lena

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