Hair Dye Experience at Shachu

Saturday, 17 September 2016

So, as you probably know, I went pink! I don't quite remember when the last time I had my natural hair colour, but I can tell you that this is the first time I've dyed it this bright of a colour. And it was quite scary to be completely honest. I've been wanting pink hair for awhile but kept doubting myself on whether I could pull it off or not...but with a slight push and encouraging words from my friends, I decided to go for it! Honestly, I am so glad I went through with it. I dyed my hair in Shibuya, Tokyo at a salon called Shachu. I decided on Japan because I've heard from multiple sources that hair dyeing is a lot less expensive there and they do just as amazing of a job for the lower price. I chose this specific hair salon because my friend actually got her hair done there before and she recommended it to me. And, of course, I creeped their Instagram and I fell in love with their showcase of brightly coloured hair. Unlike the well known salons in Toronto, and across North America, booking an appointment doesn't take months. I was able to book an appointment just 2 weeks prior!

I'm sad I forgot to take a photo of the interior of the salon because it was so cute (but here's a photo I found on the Internet).  The stylists were all very kind. If you don't speak Japanese, the language barrier might be a little challenging, but I don't think that should stop you from visiting them. They are so hard working and try their best to overcome this language barrier! I had the chance to chat with all of them, and they're actually all so friendly and cute.

As for the actual hair cut/bleach/dye process, they did a wonderful job. It took about 5-6 hours, so thank goodness the chairs were comfy! I consulted them on what shade of pink I should choose, and I couldn't be happier with the result. I am in love with it!

When it comes to bright hair, as rewarding as it is visually, it also takes a lot of maintenance. I used to use Moroccan Oil once a week, but now I use it every second day because my hair needs that extra treatment. If you're looking for a hair treatment, I highly recommend Moroccan Oil! It really helps nourish the dry bleached hair. At the salon, I bought a pink shampoo that's supposed to help maintain the colour longer. Because I haven't used regular shampoo on my coloured hair, I can't really tell you if it works well or not since I have no comparison point, but I do think my colour is lasting! It's been 3 weeks and the colour is still quite bright.

Lighting actually makes a huge difference in how my hair looks! When it's dark, my hair looks more purple/pink.

I think the biggest struggle when it comes to my hair is that it dyes my white shirts pink when I wear it for too long, or when it rains. When it rains and I have no umbrella, it's basically RIP to my shirt LOL. But all this high maintenance is soso worth it, in my opinion! I hope you guys like it as well :)

If you have any questions regarding hair dyeing or Shachu, please do ask!! I'll try my best to help out :)

Love, Lena 

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