My First Lash Extension Experience

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Hey beauties!

So recently I got my first ever lash extensions, and I wanted to share with you my experience!

I had considered getting lash extensions for quite a long time because, as with most Asians, I wasn't blessed with the longest or fullest of lashes. However, there were a couple things pulling me away from extensions--a  major one being that I can't use water-proof cosmetics or oil-based cleansers. Now this was a big issue for me because my eye liner and mascara were waterproof and my cleanser was indeed oil-based. And these are products I've used for years so I wasn't quite ready to let them go. And to top that, I've heard of horror stories where lash extensions go terribly wrong and clumps form and your real eyelashes start to rip out and never grow back properly. Now that is terrifying.

However, after doing a bit more research, I learned that if you go to a highly skilled lash technician, these lash nightmares should not occur. Skilled lash technicians will make sure each extension is attached to one lash, and one lash only. It's when a single extension gets glued to multiple lashes that clumps will form. Clumps are also the cause of lashes ripping out and damaging your real lashes.

So, I eventually convinced myself that lash extensions were worth a try. I went to a salon called N15, located around Wellesley Station. I heard great things about their lash technician (and I've gotten my hair cut there before and their staff are all very professional!) so I decided to give it a go. Also, I could be biased, but when it comes to salon services I really trust Japanese places.

N15 currently has one lash technician and her name is Ayumi Nonaka. She is very experienced, having managed an eyelash salon back in Tokyo. On top of her expertise, she is an absolute sweetheart. I was nervous at first, but I instantly felt comfortable in leaving the fate of my lashes to her hahaha. The one thing that may be an issue is communication. She recently came to Canada and thus her English isn't that good--but in all honestly it shouldn't be that big of a problem. She'll ask you what style, length, curl, etc. you want, with photos as examples.

I chose C curl, a blend of 11 and 12mm length, and 0.15mm thickness.

Here are some before and after photos:

img_2149This is what my natural lashes look like.

img_2150This is what it looks like after 80 extensions on each eye.

img_2151This is what it looks like with 100/eye. A little hard to tell the difference here, but I definitely found it to look more full!

Overall, my first lash extension experience at N15 was wonderful! If anyone is on the fence and considering, I definitely say go for it. I normally wear eyeliner and mascara, but with these lashes I definitely feel that I don't need make up as often and I find myself heading out with only foundation on! Saves SO much time in the morning.

Here I have some eye shadow on, but no eyeliner or mascara whatsoever!
To help out with your decision, I've compiled a brief list of Pros and Cons.

  • Drastically shortens your everyday make-up routine

  • No more buying mascara!

  • You can cry with these lashes LOL

  • Your 100% no make-up look just got a little better

  • Requires maintenance

  • Can't use waterproof products or oil-based products

  • When you want to go for a full-out heavy make-up look, it can take even longer because you need to be wary of your lashes - when I put on falsies (I know, I know you're not supposed to) I take a really long time to make sure the glue doesn't get anywhere near my lashes

  • When putting on mascara, you need to make sure to apply a bit away from the root of your lashes - and taking off mascara is a pain

If you've decided that you want to go for it, here's a few tips to help you maintain them!

  • Don't get your lashes wet in the first 24hours after getting extensions

  • Sleep on your back to avoid pressing your lashes against your pillow

  • Dip a Q-tip in water-based make-up remover, and gently wipe away your eye make-up - but be careful that the Q-tip doesn't touch your lash because it can tug!

  • When you wash your face, just lightly splash water around your eyes - when wiping your face, be careful your lashes don't tug on the towel fibres

  • Gently comb out your lashes every morning with a spoolie

Hope this was informative! If you have any other questions regarding eyelash extensions please do leave a comment!

Love, Lena 

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