A Day In Kyoto

Saturday, 19 August 2017

IMG_5482-3I go to Tokyo every year to visit my maternal side of the family, but for some reason I don't usually venture outside of Tokyo. It may be similar to how many of us Torontonians haven't gone up the CN tower even though it's so close to us...locals just don't seem to do touristic things. Going along with that reasoning, I guess I never thought to travel around Japan because there's always another chance to go. But this year I decided it was time to explore this country more.

Despite the number of amazing places Japan has to offer, choosing Kyoto wasn't hard for me. I've always been fascinated by the beauty of Kyoto and I truly think it's the place to go to experience the most authentic, natural, and historical Japan.

Since I'm only in Japan for the summers, I didn't have much of a choice in terms of season. However, if you are planning on visiting Kyoto, I highly recommend you go either spring or autumn--summer is extremely hot and the gardens are not as pretty (spring is when the flowers are in bloom, and autumn is when the leaves change colours--summer is that awkward middle ground where mostly everything is just green). That being said, Kyoto is still breathtaking no matter what season.

Take a peak at some of the photos I took at two very popular spots, Fushimi Inari Taisha and Arashiyama Bamboo Grove!


Love, Lena

Photographers: Vincent Lee & Sanya Chen

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