Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Himawari [ひまわり]: Sunflower in Japanese

A few things remind me of summer. One of them are sunflowers. Another is Japan. So I guess there was no better way to end off my summer than spending it at one of the largest sunflower fields in Japan.

There's something magical about standing in the middle of a field of sunflowers that seem to go on forever, no matter which direction you look. Something magical, and yet also bittersweet, for sunflowers remind me specifically of the ending of summer. Japan is a second home to me, and as a child, I would always cry at the airport, not wanting to leave. Although I've graduated from the crying phase, I still always get hit by a wave of sadness and hollowness as I walk through the airport gates.

My first non-undergraduate summer (it still feels weird to think that I'm not going back to UofT!) has come to an end, and I'm not sure if it felt short or long...but what I do know is that I've made another beautiful basket of memories that'll stick with me for life. Thank you to everyone who made this summer amazing! Already looking forward to the next ;)

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Love, Lena


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