New Beginnings

Saturday, 2 September 2017

It's funny how life unfolds.

For a good few years, I was set on becoming a marine biologist. Then, after graduating high school, I decided I had enough of science. So, I switched it up and entered university on a fresh note with International Relations. Except that didn't last past a year after realizing that history was not really my cup of tea. So, I took another sharp turn and spent the next 3 years of my university life specializing in Psychology. You're probably wondering, "What does one do with a Psychology degree anyways?". For me, the path was pretty clear. I love children--I love working with them, teaching them, watching them grow. To be honest, I used to want to be a kindergarten teacher, but being raised in a strict, academic, (asian)  household meant that I was driven away from that goal and was pushed to aim higher.

So, I thought about becoming a child psychologist. It's a decently well-respected position, and I get to work with children--win-win, right? But again, somewhere along the lines of those 3 years, I guess I lost focus and started to forget why I wanted to become a child psychologist. I don't even like research. Why should I spend another 6-ish years in school for something I'm not even quite sure of. Do I actually want to become a child psychologist? Or am I doing this for someone else? I don't know.

And with that, undergrad flew by. For a while, I was completely, utterly lost. What do I do now? Where do I go? If you've been in this situation, you know exactly what I mean. That empty, hollow, confused state that I was left in was unbearable. Seeing a lot of my friends go on to start full-time work, a masters program, or whatever it was that they had planned ahead, honestly made me feel so worthless. What the fuck am I doing.

And that's when I realized that for once, maybe I should try doing something I enjoy, and not care about what people think. For you guys, it's pretty obvious that I blog and breathe social media. However, this is something I was never comfortable opening up to my parents about. Social Media? Fashion? That is so far off from the conventional "asian parent-approved" kind of job. And it was only a couple months ago that I told them that I wanted to pursue, or at least step foot in, this industry. Sure, my father might not have been too happy about this (heck, I'm pretty sure I really disappointed him) but the last thing I wanted were more regrets. There's truly nothing worse than the regret of not having tried something. So, I gathered some guts and applied for a Digital Media Marketing post-grad program at my nearby college.

And, well, I guess that leaves me off at where I am in life now. In a couple days I start my new program. Did I make the right decision? Heck, who knows. Maybe, after actually experiencing what it's like to work in this field, I'll decide that it's not for me. Or, maybe, it'll end up being exactly what I wanted. But I really won't ever know until I try, right? And I guess my message to you guys is, go get out there and do what you love, what you enjoy. And even if that ends up not working out, life's long enough for a couple re-routing here and there.

So, here's to new beginnings. Cheers.



Here's a little photo set from a couple days ago. It was my first time back on campus, after graduating, and it was nice to see it under a new light. I definitely took the beauty of this campus for granted.

Photographer: Eric Jiang (IG: senorjiang)

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