24 Hours in Montréal

Monday, 20 November 2017

This past weekend, I went on a little getaway to one of my favourite Canadian citiesMontréal. It was a short trip. We got there Friday midnight and left by Sunday noon. A jam-packed weekend, but we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Let me take you through what I did during my 24 hours (plus some) in Montréal! 


To start off our Saturday, we went for brunch at the new & popular cafe-bar Ginkgo. It was quite possibly one of the most aesthetic restaurants I've been to. Brightly lit with natural lighting, high marble walls, and plants hanging from every corner of the store. It was just beautiful! And of course, the food tasted wonderful as well. Their brunch items were of very generous portions.

After leaving Ginkgo with a full stomach, we decided to walk around and explore Old Montréal. Old Montréal is hands-down my favourite part of this city. From horse carriages to cobblestone roads to beautiful views of the port, everything about this part of town draws me in. 

It was getting pretty cold so we headed over to Tommy, one of my favourite cafes, to take a short rest and warm up. It's usually quite crowded though, so consider yourself lucky if you find a seat on the weekends! 

It's not a trip to Montréal if you don't go up Mont Royal! We wanted to catch the sunset, but unfortunately the weather wasn't ideal so the sun wasn't visible. It was still a beautiful view nonetheless. The stairs are starting to freeze up though, so be wary of your footwear! 

For dinner, we went to a chic little spot called Le Bon Vivant. We didn't make reservations, but because it was just for 2 people we managed to sneak a spot on the bar. However, I would highly recommend you make a reservation if it's for a larger group! The staff were all very friendly and the food was delicious. 

After dinner, we made our way back to Old Montréal to see the light installations. What I love about Montréal is how it's just filled with art. During the day, you can witness the beautiful murals, and at night you can enjoy the many light shows that bring the streets to life. 

To end off the night, we hit up another one of my favouritesLe Petit Dep. I first came across this gem of a store last year, when my friends and I were just walking around Old Montréal. It was totally unplanned but it's one of my favourite discoveries. Le Petit Dep is a boutique café and delicatessen with a charming window display (the window decor is what first caught my attention last year!). I absolutely love their London fog and have made a promise to myself that I will come to this cafe every time I visit Montréal. (Trust me, the inside is so magical). 


No better way to end off our trip than with brunch at one of the top brunch spots in MontréalLe Cartet. I do warn you that there's usually a pretty long line for their weekend brunch...but I would say it's 100% worth it. Also, they're known for their chocolate-based drinks so I would recommend any of their mochas, or hot chocolates. My personal favourite is the spiced white mocha! 

And there we have it! My 24 hours in Montréal :) 
Have you been to Montréal before? What are your favourite places? I'd love to check them out next time! 

Love, Lena 

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  1. Hi there Lena. First of all, I'd like to mention that I have received the love you've wished us at the end of this blog post, however I'm wondering how I might return it due to its lack of genuine affection. I hear there is a 14 day return/exchange policy.
    On another note, I'm proud to say that I have indeed been to Montréal. Amongst many other wonderful places, I'm inclined to share with you a location that I stumbled upon during my previous visit; I have never seen such a pristine restroom. The interior decoration of this restroom was magnificent and it's lack of pee pee stained toilet seats was quite refreshing. On your next trip to Montréal, I highly recommend you visit this location. Unfortunately, I do not have the address available, therefore I regret to inform you that in order to find this ravishing restroom you will be required to do a bit or exploring.
    Thank you, Lena, for your wonderful blog post, it was rather enlightening. Have a wonderful day!


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