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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

As you probably know, I was in NYC a couple weeks ago. It was a short trip, but here's a few of my favourite food spots that I went to! You can also check out my previous food guide that I wrote up for my NYC trip back in February! Together, I'd say you get a nice handful of delicious choices ;)

Sweet Moment NYC

This is quite possibly the cutest latte art I've ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if you've seen this on Instagram, because that's how I found out about it too. And, like me, you might be surprised to find out that this isn't your regular latte! It's actually a cold drink, kind of similar to a cold hot chocolate. Personally, these drinks were a bit too sweet for my liking, but the art more than makes up for it. 

The Vine NYC

Tucked away in a hotel, this beautiful restaurant is a must-visit brunch spot. We went on a weekday but it was still bustling with customers, so I would recommend making a reservation! I've noticed that a lot of brunch spots in NYC are open weekdays but in Toronto, most of the best brunches are weekend-only. Not cool, Toronto, not cool. I had their Belgium waffles, and holy heck they were ah-mazing! I tend to be pretty hesitant about ordering waffles because not a lot of places impress me with waffles. A lot of times, they turn out too dry and dense. However, my friend recommended me their waffles and so I went for itand wow I did not regret it. It was the perfect combination of light and soft on the inside, and slightly crispy on the outside. It reminded me of the waffles I had in Belgium! And not to mention, service here was also wonderful. I would definitely recommend this spot! 

Pietro Nolita

How could this pink gem of a spot not entice me?! Unfortunately, we went to Pietro Nolita after a meal so we didn't sit down inside this cafe. I didn't want to be rude and take photos of the inside without ordering any food, but you betcha it was as pink as the exterior. I grabbed a quick coffee to go, and was pleasantly amused with the cup design (it says "Pink as Fuck").

De Maria 

Located at the edge of Nolita (this is the brunch spot we went to before coming across Pietro Nolita!) this chic cafe serves some of the most colourful dishes. I had the avocado toast (yes, that fancy thing right there is an avocado toast) and I think that made it into my top 3 of avo toasts. On top of a generously slathered layer of avocado, they add lavender cured salmon, some greens, and a soft boiled honey egg. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. 

Dominique Bistro 

If you want to be transported to France for a couple hours, Dominique Bistro is where you need to be. With brick walls and dark wood interiors, this restaurant gives off a rustic, vintage, Parisian vibe that I am absolutely in love with. I was very impressed with their unique brunch menu. Everything (on the brunch menu) was the same price of $15, and each meal comes with complimentary coffee or tea. How great is that? The service was also wonderful. Out of all the brunch spots I went to on this trip, this may have been my favourite.
Oh, and get the duck hash. So. Good.

Taiyaki NYC

So you might have noticed that Taiyaki NYC was also on my previous food guide. I usually don't go to the same place twice, but they added a new item since the last time I was there...and this one was too good to pass up. Yup, I'm talking about their famous Unicorn Taiyaki. I mean, how cute is this?! I'm obsessed with unicorns so this taiyaki ice cream made me way too happy. 

So, that's it for my food guide for my most recent NYC trip! As usual, short and sweet. I'll be back for you again soon, NYC <3 

Love, Lena 

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