Tea Time at Kitten and the Bear

Friday, 22 June 2018


       If you've followed my blog from way back, you might be wondering why this post seems familiar...don't worry you're not going crazy! I most definitely already wrote a post on my love for Kitten and the Bear. But, seeing as that was quite a while back, I decided to write a new post with photos from my more recent visit. Now, this is what I call true love.

       If you ask me whether I'm a coffee or tea person, I would 100% say tea. I'm always so fascinated by how many varieties of teas there are, and nothing calms me down more than a hot mug of tea. My favourites are some of the classics: Jasmine, Sencha, and Earl Grey. I was never a fan of fruity teas or those unconventional flavours (like what even is birthday cake tea?). Traditional and simple is the way to go.

       If I had all the money in the world, I would probably go for afternoon tea every day. But of course, life's not that easy haha. What I love about Kitten and the Bear is that, for a relatively good price of $17, you can get what I would consider the best scones and jams in Toronto. Oh, and delicious tea of course. Kitten and the Bear carries Sloane tea, which are the teas I collect at home. I would say they're my favourite teas, for their price range (priced at about $20 per tin).

       Kitten and the Bear is one of those spots that I would travel to, despite being in the middle of nowhere (ok fine, not nowhere...but very, very west on Queen St. W). The staff are always so very kind, and the decor is absolutely lovely. It's the perfect spot for a date!

Where are some of your favourite places to go for afternoon tea?

Love, Lena

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  1. Love this article. Great photography!!! #toronto here I come!


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