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Saturday, 15 September 2018

So about 2 posts back, I wrote about my LA experience (read here!). I realized that writing about both LA and Palm Springs would result in a blog post way too long, so I decided to split them up. I realize this is a very, very long overdue post. It's been over 3 months since I've been back from Cali, but life got a little hectic and I couldn't find the time to sit down and write.

So, let's start off where we left, shall we?

After our days in LA, my friends and I drove down to Palm Springs (about 2 hours). The first thing I'm going to tell you is that it was hot. Like hot. Never in my life have I opened my weather app and witnessed temperatures ranging 42-45°CIt was so hot I genuinely believed I could cook an egg on the road (fun fact: we actually tried, but failed. Part of me stupidly had expectations that it would sizzle, but the result was pure disappointment).

Our LA schedule was busy and crammed, so we wanted our trip to Palm Springs to be relaxing. We spent our days resort hopping, from one pool to another. Palm Springs is just filled with nice resorts!

The Saguaro Palm Springs

This resort makes it into my top favourites. This entire resort is a rainbow of colours and just stepping foot into it puts me in a happier mood. Just thinking about it makes me miss it. 

If I ever have a chance to visit Palm Springs again, I know where I'll be staying! 

Ace Hotel

Almost the opposite of the Saguaro, The Ace Hotel has a simple white and wooden aesthetic. If the Saguaro seems a bit much for you, this one may be the better choice.

Windmill Farm

If you ever find yourself in Palm Springs, you need to visit the windmill farm. It's really quite impressive. From afar, it looks like a large chunk of desert land dotted with white sticks. But as you drive closer, you start to notice how big they are, and how it's almost like a forest of windmills. It gets really windy as you get closer, so make sure to hold your hat! I almost lost mine a number of times. 

Joshua Tree National Park

Resorts are nice and all, but I think it's so important to see the beauty that nature has to offer. We spent an evening out at Joshua Tree National Park (if you're there in the summer I highly recommend you avoid going during the hottest times of the day). We sat up on the roof of our car, played some tunes, and just watched the sun sink down. Watching a desert sunset was a first for me and it was absolutely breathtaking. 

And that's about it! This was my first experience in a desert landscape, and it did not disappoint. 
Have you been to Palm Springs before? What were your favourite things do to there?

Love, Lena

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  1. Hiking's steady pace acts as a guide across the living landscape. And as you pitch your 2 man tent, you start to hear the soft songs of the wilderness. It's a symphony that restores the spirit and brings harmony to the cosmos.


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