Thanksgiving Traditions: Apple picking, Pumpkin farms, and Corn mazes

Thursday, 11 October 2018

It might be hard to believe, but I've only ever gone apple picking one other time - and that was last year Thanksgiving. But ever since then, as cheesy and unoriginal as it seems, I decided that I wanted to make this a tradition ( picking for Thanksgiving? Groundbreaking).  But before last year, I never even thought of going apple picking. The idea of it wasn't too appealing to me. But like the saying goes, you won't know 'til you try. And when I did, I loved it. 

The apple farm that I go to is called Applewood Farm & Winery. It's only about a 30min drive from downtown Toronto. What I love about it is that it also includes a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. For $10 entrance fee, you get access to the apple farm, the patch, and the maze, and it includes 1 pumpkin/squash to take home. The apples are priced at $20/20lb bag or $15/10lb bag. My favourite kind of apple is honey crisp, and I'm lucky that they're usually around during Thanksgiving week. 

Another part of this tradition is the post-apple picking. I love baking apple crumble with the freshly picked apples (not pictured...we devoured it before I had the chance to take a photo). But maybe I'll post a recipe of it sometime!

What are you Thanksgiving traditions?

Love, Lena 

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