Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

        It's been a pretty rough winter in Toronto this year. One day it'll be a windy snow storm and the next day, it'll warm up and turn everything into gross slush. Not only is it a nightmare for suede boots, but it's also not so ideal for photos. I've been wanting to take some photos out in the snow for a while now but just couldn't find the right chance. That's why, a few days ago, when I woke up to fluffy snow falling gently outside my window I got so excited! I got ready as fast as I could and ran out so I wouldn't miss it. And boy, was it worth it. I felt like a kid again playing in the fresh snow.

        I wanted to go for a playful outfit to match my mood. I'm wearing denim overalls from Zara (never too old for overalls!), and a warm wool sweater from Aritzia.

        Although winter definitely isn't my favourite season (me and the cold don't go well together haha), beautiful snowy days like this makes it worth it. Does it snow where you live? I'd love to know xx

Love, Lena


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