My 100 Night Endy Mattress Review

Monday, 12 August 2019

        A couple months ago I received a Queen size mattress from Endy, and after 100 nights of sleep, I'm excited to share with you my thoughts on it! 

        First off, I love how Endy provides free shipping for all their mattresses. My mattress was delivered straight to my door in a very compact box, which is great for when you live in a condo with narrow halls. Getting the mattress out of the box and having it "inflate" to its natural size was very hassle free. They even provided a handy box cutter to tear apart all the packaging! 

        Although this review is indeed in partnership with Endy, my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest. It might sound like I'm exaggerating but my first sleep on this mattress felt SO good. I slept like a baby! For reference, I prefer my mattress to be slightly on the firmer side. This foam mattress improved my sleep because it has the perfect firm-ness (for me, at least) and provides amazing support for my back. I've always had back issues, and so a mattress with proper support is so important for my sleep. And not to mention, it's so freaking comfortable!! The sheets and pillows that I received as well were also of great quality. The sheets are really soft, which is a must for my sensitive skin. In terms of the pillows, I know people have very varying opinions about pillows. Some people like really soft and loose pillows, whereas others like their pillows more firm. I personally prefer firm pillows, which is why I love the Endy ones because they are definitely on the firmer side! 

        Another great thing about their mattress is what Endy calls "zero motion transfer". According to their site, each open air cell in the mattress acts like a shock absorber which eliminates motion transfer. I was a bit skeptical about this, so I decided to put this to the test. I placed a mug filled with water on the mattress and then moved myself around on the mattress. I was actually shocked at how stable the mug stayed! This is a huge game changer for me because I love to do everything on my bed (I don't even own a desk because my bed is my desk haha). 

        Aside from the mattress's stability, comfort, and overall high quality, I also love that Endy is a Canadian brand! As a proud Canadian, I love to support local brands as much as I can. 

        Although the Endy mattresses are slightly on the pricier end, I genuinely do think that they are worth every penny. I think that we should all be taking our sleep seriously, and one of the best ways to improve your sleep is to invest is a good quality mattress. If you are interested in purchasing an Endy mattress, you can save $50 by using code LENALEMON50! And remember, you have a 100 night risk-free trial. So, why the heck not try it out? 

Happy sleeping!



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